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Active Listening is proven to be essential for emotional wellness, and is considered one of the most important business skills. Whether you'd like to become a Professional Listener and provide Active Listening as a Service (ALaaS) on the Hapi platform or boost your leadership skills and drive revenue in your current job, the ALA certification program is perfect for you! The Listening Economy will open up new opportunities and increase your income no matter how you use this training.
Developing Listening Leaders

Course curriculum

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    1. 1.1 Course Overview

    2. 1.1 - Reflection: The Dream Team

    3. 1.2 What is Professional Listening?

    4. 1.2 - Active Challenge: Taking Note

    5. 1.3 Become an Impactful Listener

    6. 1.3 - Active Challenge: Paraphrase for Peace

    7. Quiz: How do we make an impact on our calls?

    8. 1.4 Build Trust & Safety

    9. 1.4 - Reflection: Explore Psychological Safety

    10. 1.5 Ei - A Framework to Listen

    11. 1.5 - Active Challenge: Dropped Hobbies

    12. Quiz: What is emotional intelligence?

    13. 1.6 Examples of Ei Questions

    14. 1.6 - Reflection: Being Heard

    15. Review Quiz: Chapter 1

    16. Listening Hours

    1. 2.1 Chapter 1 Review

    2. 2.2 The Guiding Voice of Optimism

    3. 2.2 - Active Challenge: Two Wolves of Optimism

    4. 2.3 Encourage Awareness

    5. 2.3 - Active Challenge: Bless Your Bites

    6. Quiz: What is optimism, and how does it help awareness?

    7. 2.4 Enable Self-Regulation

    8. 2.4 - Active Challenge: 5 5 5 Box Breathing

    9. 2.5 On Empathy

    10. 2.5 - Reflection: Exploring Empathy

    11. 2.6 Foster Resilience

    12. 2.6 - Reflection: Remembering Resilience

    13. Quiz: How do we encourage resilience and self-regulation?

    14. 2.7 Empathy in Action

    15. 2.7 - Active Challenge: Here Comes the Sun

    16. Review Quiz: Chapter 2

    1. 3.1 Chapter 2 Review

    2. 3.2 Enhance Trust

    3. 3.2 - Reflection: Fresh Ears for a Day

    4. 3.3 Unconditional Positive Regard

    5. 3.3 - Active Challenge: Dip and Sip

    6. Quiz: How does unconditional positive regard enhance trust?

    7. 3.4 Craft Thoughtful Questions

    8. 3.4 - Reflection: Getting Curiouser

    9. 3.5 Guide Towards Decision

    10. Quiz: What's the deal with questioning?

    11. 3.6 Crisis Techniques

    12. Quiz: Is a "crisis" a crisis and what can we do?

    13. 3.7 Reflect on Listening

    14. 3.7 - Reflection: The Habit

    15. Review Quiz: Chapter 3

    1. 4.1 Chapter 3 Review

    2. 4.2 Continue the Conversation

    3. 4.2 - Reflection: Build the Psychic Bridge

    4. 4.3 Social Upskilling

    5. 4.3 - Reflection: Social Skill Building

    6. Quiz: How do we improve our conversations with others?

    7. 4.4 Become a Listening Leader

    8. 4.4 - Active Challenge: Become the Teacher

    9. 4.5 Restore

    10. Quiz: How do we restore to be better listeners?

    11. 4.6 - The Listening Life

    12. Review Quiz: Chapter 4

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